Saturday, January 23, 2016


I'll talk about my life in every aspects yeah?

Basically okay until now. Just answered AIS quiz last Friday, was okay i think even though i made a few mistakes but it's okay. It's been two weeks in Beranang and i want to come home, to see my family, my new kitties. Awhhhh~
Oh, i'm such a busy girl these days. Oh what have i got myself into. It's my choice tho, nobody forced me. My aims are to increase my confident level and improve my soft skills which i'm lack of. Hahaha nerdy nerdy me. I hope these thing won't bother my studies. I want to get 4 flat for this semester. I know it's hard but i got to fight for it. When you're down, nobody is going to lift you up. You're going to do it by yourself :)

Weight loss
Up until today, i have lost 4 kilos. Uhuhu i am now 62 kg. 5-7 kg more to go hahaha. Okay no pressure dear self. Just enjoy the journey. It's not temporary, it's a permanent change. I have to keep in mind, it doesnt matter if i had lost many kilos but after that i still eat like a gorilla. I need to watch out my carbs and sugar intake. Hehe since i want to lose weight so badly, i now know how to count calories in order to find the most worth it food for this tummy of mine. Not to forget i can drink 5 litres a day hehe and my minimum water intake is 3 litres. It's an achievement okay. Alhamdulillah thank you Allah.

All great. At least i'm not alone like i used to be.

I'm hurting.... He said he's bored to fight and stuff. While i love to fight. The conclusion is he's bored with me too, This is just like the mathematics equation that we've learnt in form 3/4/5, can't remember. 

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